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Submitted on
March 28, 2013


In the lend of ooo marshal lee was flying to prince bubble gums castle. P.B was crying on his bed.* marshal lee walkes in and see's p.B crying*. Why are you crying marshal said in a sarcastic and concerned voice. "F-f-Fiona d-d-d-dumped me!" P.B said through sobs. Marshal thought for a moment and said " why not I get you a drink like key lime whin or bubble gum beer" "Um bubble gum beer." P. B said still depressed. Marshal walked out for 5 minuet then he came back with six bottles of b.g.b and gave three to p.b and three to himself. After they drank all the bgb they were BOTH drunk "heeey marshal *hic* why not we fuck" . P.b said swaying marshal who was also high said"sure*hic* I would looooove swaying to The bed p.b felt a pressure on his back marshal was behind him marshal pushed p.b down so he was looking at him and kissed him a French kiss with tongue." Oooolala " p.b moaned in happiness then it got seriose marshal was going in deeper he was now naked so was p.b "OH DEAR GLOB!!!!" The prince exclaimed and marshal did it did what a dude would do to a girl marshal had sex with a male panting prince bubble gum said"I ~I love you marshal "..... This will be continued
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